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The Gooram Valley Landcare Group is one of nineteen Landcare groups affiliated with the Gecko CLaN Community Landcare Network and is also a member group within the Granite Creeks rabbit control project.




The current office holders in the Gooram Valley Landcare Group are:



Deputy Chairperson




Robert Colvin  (0419 594547)

Andrew Douglas (0427 903313)

Michael Stubbe (0417 700400)

Charlie Brydon (0418 597627)

Bethany Devanny (57952849)


The Gooram area features fertile valleys and creek flats frequently traversed by watercourses and smaller valleys running from the steep granite ridges that characterise the Strathbogie ranges. There is evidence of ancient volcanic activity along the valley of the Seven Creeks with basalt cones visible in a number of places. Generally though, the geology features heavily weathered granite ridges and outcrops, many of which are quite striking. The Gooram Falls on the Seven Creeks is a feature of particular beauty and interest and after rain provides an impressive spectacle.


Gooram Valley


Management Plan for Gooram Landcare Group (Aug 2014)

Gooram Falls Reserve

Gooram Falls Reserve is approximately 20 hectares of intact forest reserve, bisected from south east to north west by Seven Creeks.  It is managed by Parks Victoria.  Geologically, it is dominated by large granite boulders and the soil is granitic sand.  It has a range of diverse ecological vegetation classes – from Riparian Shrubland along the Seven Creeks, rising to Riverine Escarpment Shrubland on the granite bordering the Seven Creeks, and Valley Grassy Forest on the gentle slopes surrounding the reserve.  As such, the vegetation is correspondingly diverse.


Full Details


Gooram Valley - Falls




 • Installation of signage adjacent to the Gooram Hall promoting the activities of Landcare and other local community organisations.  
 • Monitoring and controlling Inkweed infestations in the district through advice and assistance to landholders.
 • Rabbit eradication.


The Gooram Valley Landcare Group is a community-based organisation which seeks to involve all members of the local community in protecting their environmental heritage. To this end, the group aims to engage with individual land holders and local residents, as well as with organisations within the wider community, with the view to promoting understanding of conservation issues and encouraging measures to restore, protect and enhance the environment, in both the local and wider context.


The Gooram Valley Landcare Group is located in the Strathbogie ranges in north-east Victoria and has as its area of responsibility several valleys formed by the Castle and Seven creeks, both tributaries of the Goulburn river. The group’s area  extends from Penny Lane in the south to the Hume freeway in the north.


 • Weed Control. Monitoring and eradication of environmental weeds.
 • Rabbit Control. Documentation of rabbit infestations and funding control measures. 
 • Gooram Falls. 
 • Partnerships with landholders generally, including tree-planting projects for erosion control, shelter-belt construction and rehabilitation of degraded areas. 
 • Projects particular to Seven Creeks with special focus on weed eradication and enhancing the amenity of access areas.
 • Distribution of funding by way of financial grants for the above purposes and the monitoring of such expenditures.  



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