At the moment, on account of the Coronavirus pandemic, the activities of the Gooram Valley Landcare Group are significantly restricted. It is hoped that this situation will improve in the near future and the group’s activities, outlined below, will be able to resume.

The Gooram Valley Landcare Group has a number of current projects, some of which are longer term, others of shorter duration and some of which are programmes conducted in conjunction with other organizations.  As well as these projects, from time to time the group hosts talks and field days on issues of landcare and environmental interest.

These are the main projects.

Paddock Trees project

The group has received grant funding to assist with the preservation and protection of old or significant paddock trees; grants are now available from the group to assist landholders with the fencing out and protecting such trees.

Contact: Bethany Devanny, facilitator, [email protected]  or 0457 526566

Blackberry Action Group

Gooram is a joint participant with Creightons Creek Landcare Group in the Creightons Creek-Gooram Blackberry Action Group. This is an on-going project seeking to raise awareness about the spread of blackberry as well as providing financial assistance with the control of blackberry infestations. The group has also held a number of field days demonstrating blackberry control measures.

Granite Greeks Project

Gooram is a longstanding member of this project, one which includes six local landcare groups. The Granite Creeks Project is about rabbit control:  its work is centered around its integrated rabbit control programme which offers financial support to landholders for warren ripping and rabbit harbour control. Granite Creeks Project also supports the projects of its six member groups.

Contact:  Neil Devanny: [email protected] or 0457 526566 or

Heather Tingay, Pest plant and animal project co-ordinator: 0428 210759

The Gooram Falls and the Seven Creeks

Gooram has had a long involvement with the Gooram Falls on the Seven Creeks and with the Seven Creeks itself. In conjunction with Parks Victoria, the government agency responsible for the area, the group has undertaken tree-planting, weed control and rubbish removal in the Falls area and has supported the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research with fish monitoring surveys in the Seven Creeks. The group has also participated in the Goulbourn Broken Catchment Management Authority’s Strathbogie Streams Project and has assisted in work that has been carried out along the Seven Creeks.

Management Plan for Gooram Landcare Group

Gooram Falls Reserve

Gooram Falls Reserve is approximately 20 hectares of intact forest reserve, bisected from south east to north west by Seven Creeks. It is managed by Parks Victoria. Geologically, it is dominated by large granite boulders and the soil is granitic sand. It has a range of diverse ecological vegetation classes – from Riparian Shrubland along the Seven Creeks, rising to Riverine Escarpment Shrubland on the granite bordering the Seven Creeks, and Valley Grassy Forest on the gentle slopes surrounding the reserve. As such, the vegetation is correspondingly diverse.