Fire Brigade

Balmattum Hill fire

Despite the 2019-20 summer fire danger period being a hot and dry one, the Gooram community was fortunate to remain free of serious fire events. By far the largest fire the brigade attended was the one that occurred on the Balmattum Hill at Euroa on January 4th and which extended over several days. In total, the Gooram fire brigade attended 13 incidents over the summer. These included grass and scrub fires, motor vehicle accidents and a rescue operation at the Gooram Falls. In addition, members were involved in a number of strike teams to the Corryong fires.

Rescue at Gooram Falls

New Ultra-light tanker

In December, 2019 it was announced that the Gooram fire brigade had been successful in its application under the Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Programme (VESEP) for assistance with purchasing an Ultra-light tanker to augment the fire-fighting capability of the brigade. The Ultra-light tanker, a Toyota Landcruiser modified and equipped for fire-fighting purposes, is expected to be delivered to the brigade prior to the 2020-21 fire season and will significantly improve the Gooram brigade’s ability to respond to incidents.

Although the VESEP grant referred to above provided funding for most of the cost of the Ultra-light tanker, the brigade is required to meet a proportion of the cost. As a result, the Gooram brigade launched a campaign early in 2020 seeking donations to make up the balance. This campaign, which is still active, has met with great community support and has attracted donations from many community members, both permanent and part-time residents. All donations greater than $2 are tax deductible. Further details from the Secretary (see the home page for contact details).